Careful Gaborone Businesses, Marketing Competition is Growing

What’s interesting about being an advertising agency is knowing how to analyze data to find trends in any area.

Most businesses or startups face massive competition for their niche.

What’s really important…

is knowing when your competition is spending more dollars to reach the same audience that you’re looking to reach.

We’re going to give you the jump on it.

Over the past 3 weeks we have been researching trends in Botswana to find where the uptick is tacking place. This is what we’ve found:

12 month illustration of sub-region searches in Botswana for marketing provided by google trends

Based on this 12 month illustration, we see that the term “marketing” is being itemized in 4 regions for Botswana. These regions in interest order are:

  • North-East Botswana
  • South-East Botswana
  • North West Botswana
  • Central

Is your businesses located in one of these regions in Botswana? Let’s look a little deeper into a comparison chart over a 12 month period.

Take a look at this illustration:

This chart shows us that interest over time in Botswana seems to decline in November and it transitions upward during the month of December. The interest in marketing maintains at a high level afterwards.

If your doing your marketing wrong, this could have a tremendous effect on your business. Most companies don’t have an internal marketing team which could add to the interest in the “marketing” search term.

Companies in Botswana also seem to have a technical skill shortage as well…

Here is another illustration showing you the break out search terms related to marketing in Botswana:

chart showing rising marketing terms

As we see from the chart, the search term “marketing plan” is up by 120%. That is huge.


So with proper research, we see that we could have an advantage over our competition by knowing when are teams looking to create plans throughout the year or when are they slowing down their marketing efforts.

Do you have experience in making adjustments based on data?

Share your comments below on what you’ve done or learned from this marketing insight.

4 responses to “Careful Gaborone Businesses, Marketing Competition is Growing

  1. This is good insight. I have seen and heard more interest in marketing in the area, but not many business owners know how to do it or have the capital (human and money) to get it done right.

  2. I found this very insightful. Many cocompanies in Botswana invest very little in advertising and marketing.

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