A Quick Look at Botswana’s Technical Skill Shortage

Upwards of 45 million young, educated workers are expected to join Africa’s growing workforce over the next 30 years.

However, much like other countries across the African continent, Botswana’s working-class population is considerably undereducated in the technical and creative skills most necessary for ensuring success in tomorrow’s workforce.

To make matters worse, current projections estimate that by the year 2030 approximately 800 million jobs will be automated – further necessitating the need for programs and education focused on building and maintaining a skilled workforce and closing Botswana’s technical skill gap.

The root of the technical skill shortage currently present in Botswana is twofold. On the one hand, Africa has experienced prolonged challenges with effective technology adoption.

Second—partially because of the aforementioned—the demand for technical skills is relatively low across the continent, as few occupations require such skillsets. As a result, there exist few opportunities, and even fewer efforts, to unlock latent talent in countries like Botswana.

Perhaps the most devastating effect of the technical skill shortage in Botswana is that country’s young working class will be considerably underprepared for the impending increase in the demand for technically skilled workers.

If the current skills issue is not corrected—or at least addressed—in a timely manner, the skill instability will worsen and potentially render future efforts ineffective.

The purpose of the YesWeCan initiative is to educate, empower, and enable those in Botswana’s working class through technical skill investment.

YesWeCan seeks to impart the most in-demand technical and creative skills to people within and throughout the country’s communities.

The initiative is led by a core team of academically- and technically-skilled partners who are thoroughly invested in the mission of reducing Botswana’s underutilized human capital.

For more about this initiative or to support, visit YesWeCan.

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  1. Hi there, Is there opportunities in Botswana for qualified technicians and nurses to either practice their trades or to train people in their fields. We are currently in South Africa

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